What Fans Are Saying:

The new songs have even greater depth for me since viewing the process of writing.  – Mary

This brief window into the creative path is a journey… and for those of us that engage in such activities – an adventure. – Mark

I love how the day is edited together with timestamps, multi-screen shots and voice-over insight… a window into how a song is created. – Allison

We get to see the entire song progress: those precious moments of discovery that lead to a magical finished song. – Emma

It is very cool to see the creative process and discover some of the influences that went into these songs. – Barry

What a joyful experience to watch the creation of these gifts in their creation infancy.  – Karla

Thank you for welcoming us into your world, I don’t believe it has ever been done! Brilliant! To allow yourselves to be exposed, open & honestly during song creations is admirable & appreciated. – Fran

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Writing of: Why Not

Writing of: The Rodeo