9.13.12 Holy smokes, Bullwinkle!….. I think all of us would have been thrilled to play to half a house…to get polite applause….to not have someone yell”Footloose!”

What we HAD for our first show was an almost full Kent Theater with a crowd that stood and cheered and rushed the front to dance and sing along to songs they had never heard before from a band they didn’t know. They sat in full attention for the ballads, clapped along with the rockers and made our first show amazing. When it was over, Kenny, Georgia and I hugged each other in the dressing room, close to tears (also close to the ladies toilet), overcome with the emotions that came from having our show wildly surpass what we hoped and dreamed for the last two years. Almost the entire audience then stood in the lobby for over an hour to buy our merch and tell us how much they love the music and the band. What a night!