9.14.12 We were warned not to expect a lot of bells and whistles on this tour, but so far the catering has been fantastic! We played the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night for the Green Gala, an Eco Watch fundraiser. Certainly the last place I expected baby sea tartare appetizers, but I am not here to judge.

Here’s my first thought abut last night…. it’s the friggin Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… do they have to set the stage up in the lobby where it’s all glass and metal and there is enough Echo to mix a Phil Spector record? Despite that… the crowd was once again very loving and attentive (slightly drunk) and we played great and had a ball. We had an 11PM curfew to work with but we left off the last three words of every song and brougt that puppy in just under the wire. It was very confusing. We had one person telling us we could play till 11:15… Another telling us that if we didn’t stop at exactly 11, Blue Sky Riders would NEVER be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

We stopped at 10:59 and await your vote.