9.15.12 Third show of the tour. We played in a great big barn. It was a fundraiser for a charity that helps needy and/or disabled kids ride horses, hence the barn. It looked like we were going to play over cutlery clinking and people talking so we were prepared. These kind of gigs are always a little dispiriting because we are sometimes nothing but background music for them. We finished songs and heard polite applause… I told jokes that echoed into the darkness and died awful deaths… or so we thought.

Suddenly we were at the end of the show… the last few songs… and a couple broke the ice and came down to the front of the stage and started dancing… and then suddenly we were looking at a giant mob of cheering, dancing people. They loved us. After the show they came, one after the other, for another hour to tell us how much they loved it or how moved they were. More fans of BSR! We had no idea! That wasn’t horse poop we were smelling… it was success! Thinking they were less than thrilled made us try to give them the best show we could and it paid off big time. We rocked the barn, baby! Now in the morning we get on a plane and fly to Atlanta to sing the National Anthem at a Brave’s game, then fly back and resume the tour in Philadelphia. If I didn’t know better I would say that we were rock stars.