9.16.12 I know I can technically take the night off from blogging because we did not have a show tonight…. but we were not lazy bones either. Established bands could take the day and relax by the pool sipping an alcoholic beverage. Not us. We woke up early, got on a plane (a private jet weaseled from a friend, so take off points for not having to get anally probes by TSA)… flew to Atlanta and sang our single “Feeling Brave,” the National Anthem AND Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!!

We checked the lyrics to “Ball Game,” and I found out I had been singing it wrong all these years. Turns out everyone has been singing it wrong, but we chose not to make a point out of it in front of 30,000 people.

It was a pretty lucky day for us. It was raining when we got there but it cleared up and was beautiful right before we sang. Then it poured again during the game but almost stopped while we sang in the seventh inning stretch. They call it that because calling our performance a “song” is quite a stretch.

In the morning we fly to Annapolis, rejoin the tour and check the paper to find out who won. We slipped out in the ninth. We are exhausted little Riders and we did all we could to further the brand that we hold dear. So everyone root root root for the home team and I will be sound asleep before you get to “One, Two, Thr………….

9.17.12 No show tonight. Nothing to tell you unless you want to know what Georgia and I did on our day off. It involves hats, fish and a Woody Allen movie. Or Rock of Ages. Probably flip a coin. You CANNOT be interested in this.