9.18.12 It’s Tuesday night. Hard to believe that we only just played our fourth show and have two whole weeks left…but that’s reality. We rocked the Ram’s Head in Annapolis. The night teetered between great and weird. Sound check was awesome. Always a bad sign; we sounded great….could hear each other….very nice. First song of the actual show and it’s like: “fun’s over. THAT band is gone and buried.” It was rough. The second song was so strange onstage that I think I sang the entire song a half step off.

The great thing is that we didn’t let it throw us off. Sometimes when there’s a screw up you can try too hard to recover and press when all you really have to do is settle down, play a little less and concentrate. You WILL get the audience back… you just can’t try too hard. They sense fear and desperation. By the time we did the “And then I wrote …” segment, they were all back in serious love and we had them by the neck for the rest of the night. We got a giant screaming encore without too much begging on our part and sold a decent amount of merch.

My drummer in my first band used to grade us all after every show (we only actually played six shows before we broke up) so I will do that now with BSR.

Performance: B minus
Resilience: A plus
Grooming: C (I was having a bad hair show)

Off to Philadelphia in the morning and hoping we sold a few hundred more tickets while we played tonight.