So I’m in Alabama, backstage at a show getting ready to perform with my boyfriend, Gary Burr when he checks his emails on his Iphone and says “Georgia, get this:  Kenny Loggins just wrote me about that band idea.  Instead of a duo, he wants to do a trio by adding a girl to the mix…one who can sing great and write a killer song.  Isn’t that interesting?”  Interesting, it was.  I didn’t want to get excited at the prospect of that girl being me, but how could I not have gone there???  And by the twinkle in Gary’s eye, I knew that he was thinking the same thing. The duo had been such a great idea…and here’s why: Gary had introduced me to Kenny at a Loggins and Messina concert in Nashville a year before and that night when Gary said something hilarious and unexpected (as he’s known to do,) Kenny was right there with him, matching him joke for joke. I knew I was witnessing two guys who GOT each other.  And the thought of hearing these two amazing singers actually sing together…I just think that would be too much for any one lady to handle.  Pure emotional and sensual bliss.  Okay, so I digress…

“Kenny thinks we should add a girl.  I’m going to tell him about you.”

My heart jumped. “Okay, but if he doesn’t go for it, it’s no big deal…I won’t take it personally.  Okay?”


That was six months ago.  Since then, the three of us have written and recorded almost an album’s worth of songs and I have to say, I’m having the time of my life.  Have you ever heard the Joseph Campbell quote about following your bliss? I believe it goes like this: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” I’ve tried to do that my whole life because life is just too damn short.  Of course, trying to make a living doing music means that one’s path will be full of set-backs and disappointments but what life isn’t?  It only makes the good times that much deeper and richer.   And I’m definitely looking bliss in the eye right now.