9.20.12  Tonight’s show at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, New Hampshire was the Bizarro version of our last show. It was a very small club… about 200 people… and the room’s a weird configuration. At sound check we could NOT get the sound right. The bass rumbled so badly it loosened the fillings in my teeth. The voices had this feedback frequency that made them sound like the sound a Bavarian guy makes playing crystal wine glasses. (Pretty at Christmastime, but not cool now). Nothing we did could clear it up so we just shrugged our shoulders and said ” we will do the best we can tonight and try not to hurt anyone.”

Then it was show time and we sounded great and had a ball and the crowd went crazy and we got encores and all was right with the world. It’s always a coming home feeling playing this area because I am a Connecticut native; but tonight I especially wanted to do well for a gaggle of friends who were in the crowd and because… these are my people. Do well and they will love you forever. Screw up and they will tell you what you did and how they think you can fix it next time. My people.

I get to have rooms full of friends and family for the next week while we play CT, Mass and NYC and it feels great. I just better not screw up.

photo ©2012 Vic Monaco