9.21.12 In the shadow of the New England Patriot’s football stadium sits Showcase Live. (sounds like the first line of a chapter of the Hobbit)…. a beautiful venue that makes you feel like you are in Vegas opening for Sammy Davis Jr. The shows are all starting to be sold out now or close to it. This is probably because every show brings us closer to where I was born and I am a beloved and borderline legendary creature in these parts, not unlike Daniel Boone or Bigfoot.

Our shows are without a hitch. We are hitchless. We joke around a laugh so much on stage now that we should gets bookings in Chuckles the comedy club. I think it gives the audience a nice look into the chemistry of the band and they leave feeling like they kind of know us and would like us to come to their homes and babysit their children.

Tonight is Connecticut!!! It will be a busy day and night because half the audience is gonna be old friends and family and the other half…. people we have to charm the pants off of and turn into lifelong fans.

Georgia is a little under the weather with a cold but no one can tell cause she is so great and singing her ass off despite it. As long as it stays out of her lungs she will be fine. I had a little touch of the 24 hour Ebola but I’m fine now. A little bleeding from my eyes but that will clear up by show time. I am going to go ahead and clarify (because there is no comedy font) that I do NOT have nor is there a 24 hour Ebola).

photo ©2012 Jay Santos