9.23.12 So now Georgia says that if this band is a success she wants to move to Connecticut. I forgot how beautiful it is up here in the fall. I told her that if she will sign a contract guaranteeing that SHE shovels the snow then I am down with the idea. Our Texas girl has no idea what it is like to wake up to three feet of snow and a frozen dog on the porch.

Our concert tonight was a good one. Several people said the sound wasn’t great so they had trouble hearing the voices. For this band… that is a killer concern. We have to work on that more every sound check.

The section in the middle of the show where we play acoustically was sort of an added value thing we threw in because playing every song on the CD still left us a little short of a full concert… but it has turned out to be the favorite part of the night for a lot of people! That is encouraging because from here we go to NYC where we are playing in a supper club that may require us to play the whole show “unplugged.” We are going to try to have everyone play… they just have to play soft. Asking these guys to play soft is like asking someone that doesn’t ordinarily do something to do that very thing they don’t do often. It is late and similes are the first thing to go when I am tired. That and my sense of irony. This WOULD be the night that happens, wouldn’t it?

photo ©2012 PatiW