9.29.12 Last show at Feinstein’s and it was a blast! Both the early and the late show was awesome. It feels very weird to have it draw to a close after we looked forward and worried about it for so long.

It went better than we had any right to expect. The people who run the room said it was the best show they’d ever had there, and I don’t think they are exaggerating. We had them laughing and cheering and soiling their expensive pants.

We are very much looking forward to Monday when we can play in Pennsylvania and play real loud again and hear everything in our ears.

This tour has been amazing and fulfilling and very empowering. It proved that we can get out there and recreate our CD and whet the whistles of the people we need to buy it when it comes out. We were not delusional when we put this thing together. It’s always a good feeling to find out that you are not delusional. In my history the opposite has usually been true.

Thanks to everyone who came to see the shows or wrote us on Facebook to cheer us on. It means a lot to us!

photo ©2012 RoseA