10.1.12 We thought we were in for trouble. The promoter promoted this show basically as a Kenny Loggins concert. Oops. Our management made double sure at every show that people knew that they were coming to hear a new band… not Footloose. The venues were warned they could not expect to get Kenny at BSR prices. When we pulled into town and saw Kenny’s face on the posters today we were afraid we would have an angry mob in front of us.

Kenny handled it perfectly. We came out on stage and did “Feelin’ Brave,” and the audience totally dug it and went wild. Then someone yelled “Danger Zone!” and we all froze. Kenny stepped up to the mic and said “We understand that this was advertised as a Kenny Loggins concert, but it is actually a Blue Sky Riders concert. We hope you will give our new music a chance and we guarantee that if you do, by the end of the show you will be happy you stayed!” Everyone cheered… everyone stayed… and we got a standing O and an encore just like every show we have done on this tour.

Knowing this was the last night gave every song an extra energy and it was so much fun. Georgia and I got on the bus for an overnight ride back to Nashville and we had to say goodbye to everyone at the hotel. It was really something to look at everyone and know that we accomplished exactly what we dreamed about when we first sat down and looked at each other and said… “can’t you just imagine how great it would be to do a tour….”

It was as great as we imagined and more.

Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered us on… thanks to the great band we had behind us who put up with my bad jokes… thanks to the crew who worked a lot harder than us every day (and spent a week in New Jersey while we hung with Hillary Clinton in NYC)… thanks to our bus driver Ed who kept us alive (assuming we reach Nashville in one piece), and:

Thanks to my band mates, Kenny and Georgia… one of whom I love and the other I LOVE.