We have been waiting for this for two years. Our record comes out in less than two weeks and we have hit the road to promote, promote, promote!!

We are rising at 6AM…playing two and three times a day, back to back phone interviews, the Tonight Show, the Opry, my Lord I wish I was twenty again. Did I mention playing a private party at the Inaugural and the Sundance Film Festival? I thought not.. I get tired just typing it. Last night we started it all off with a corporate gig in Park City, Utah.

You always want the first gig to go well. This was tricky because corporate gigs have huge potential for disaster than most other gigs. You are facing a room full of people who are not there because they want to see you. They are there because the bus pulled up and this was the next (usually last before they go home) thing on their itinerary. We played for a bank. In a distillery. Whiskey. Thirty people. Acoustically. You know…all sensitive and shit. It was tough. There was a lot of talking and general chaos and we thought they could care less about us. It was hard to stay focused and give them a great show but we tried our best. The wierd thing is…as usually happens….when the show was over…we went to our contractually obligated meet and greet…and the entire audience was there to tell us how great the show was and how much they enjoyed it. Shocked and stunned. Who knew?

This part of the country is very hard to play for me….the altitude affects me in many inconvenient and semi-disgusting ways….I always look forward to the beautiful scenery and the people but as soon as we land I feel the 7 degrees and the nosebleed starting and I wish I was back in Nashville where the air is full of moisture and pollen like God meant air to be.

In the morning we get up at 6AM (I told you) to fly to Seattle to play for Amazon. Promotion is key in this new, non-record company world. We go where we can make a new fan or two.

I will do my best to take you along with us on this journey. I used to only be able to complain to myself or Georgia. Now I have all of you.