Woke up at 5 to fly to Seattle to play for the corporate office of Amazon. Couldn’t find the place at first. We were driving up and down this funky street looking for the address. No number. Maybe it’s a virtual office and we are just playing a virtual performance?

Maybe we just have the address wrong and our poor little GPS can only work with what we humans give it? We got there and it was a nice turnout. In the beginning of the second song Kenny broke a string. First time that has happened to us. When a string breaks, all the other strings go out of tune because the tension on the neck changes radically from 6 to 5 strings. So we had THAT going for us. Which was nice. Kenny kept singing while he took his guitar off…switched with Georgia…it was a heroic effort. I wonder if it would have been better to just stop the song and make a joke before switching and continuing?

I smell a band meeting coming up to clarify band policy.

Heading off in a few minutes to do an In-Store at a record store (ask your parents) here in Seattle. Should be fun. I should be taller. Let you know….

Okay, I’m back. Miss me? Tonight made up for everything. We played at the Silver Platter record store and it was great. A small but mighty crowd who were all there cause they wanted to see us.They all bought EPs and we stayed and signed and we went over like gangbusters! Not a great PA system but it sounded good in the house and that’s what matters. My buddy Joe, the road manager for Carole King during my time with her, brought us to a great sushi place for dinner where we drank a heap o’ sake and ate three thousand varieties of fish.

Thursday we wake up at 7 and go do a radio interview, then a tv show, then we fly back to Park City so our noses can start bleeding again. It’s funny how we don’t really look ahead to what we are doing. At least I don’t. I have a rough idea of what lies ahead but mostly I just want to know when the next time I have to show up and where do you want me. Tonight the next thing is bed and then the lobby in the AM. One step at a time, forward to fame and fortune.