Seattle stays dark till noon. Well it certainly seems that way. We woke up at 6 (we are such rock stars) and headed to a radio station to do an on air performance and interview. It went as well as could be expected considering we were still sound asleep. They kind of concentrated on Kenny (a little humbling for Georgia and myself, but we can’t enjoy the pluses of being in a band with a famous guy and not be willing to live with the minuses). A lot of these shows only know how to advertise it as “Kenny Loggins with”….cause no one knows who we are yet. Still, I wish they could at least get the name right and call us Blue Sky Riders and not The Blue Sky Riders. Oh well. The Eagles fought for years to be called Eagles with no The and it never stuck. And we ARE the new The Eagles. I am referring to the football team because, like them, we hit hard, run fast and use massive amounts of steroids.

Interview over…we race across town to a TV show. We sing again…voices are a little better by now. We get twice the time for talking on the interview couch cause someone cancelled. Apparently the girl who faked being pregnant in high school as a social experiment cancelled. Her fake water broke. Problem is…now we are watching the clock cause we have a plane to catch to get back to Park City to play at the Film Festival. They want us to come out and greet the audience and sign stuff? Sure. Tick tick.

Audience satisfied, we load the car and head to the airport. Other than getting to Utah successfully, finding out where we are staying…not quite sure what else is on our plate. Pulled some favors to stay at friends of friends houses cause all the hotels were booked up long ago. Very hungry and tired. Wherever we stay…I hope the bed is soft and the shades are thick and that tomorrow is the first morning that the phone won’t ring at 5 or 6 AM and Wayne will say…“Up and At’em, rock stars!”

Wayne just texted to say we have to wake up at 7. Damn.

Here’s our performance on KING 5 New Day Northwest [click]

Here we are in studio at 95.7 KJR with Bob Rivers [click]