Do you know how you sometimes think how cool it would be to be the President? Then you find out that being the President is a lot of talking to people you don’t want to and posing for pictures and stuff that sucks? How about a baseball player? All glamorous, right? Then you find out they have to play when it’s 110 dgrees out and be constantly worried about being cut or sent down to the minors. How about playing in a band? That’s exciting and glamorous for shizzle! Well, my little acolytes, let me tell you about last night. I will have the rock band fantasy in one font and our reality in the other.

We have received a request for BSR to play for a private dinner at Sundance for Dave Grohl (late of Nirvana and currently in the Foo Fighters) and lots of his famous friends.

We actually played a private dinner for Sundance sponsors UNDER the ballroom where Dave is having an all-star jam and playing so loud that glasses rattle during our performance.

We will play in front of Tom Petty, John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks.

We played in front of Tom Nicks, Stevie Fogerty and John Petty. Very nice people but a bit of a disappointment.

We get a beautiful large dressing room to relax in for the 3 hours between soundcheck and the show.

A large security guard walks in the dressing room, surveys us…and loudly says “Who are YOU?” and promptly kicks us out of the dressing room where Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks and John Fogerty WILL be allowed to hang. They place us in an alcove behind the McCafe coffee machine in the lobby.

We will have a five course meal followed by a performance in front of 250 people.

Five course meals take a looooong time. By the time we played there were fifty very drunk, very full people left, mostly dozing in their seats.

“You are very important to us and we are glad you are here!”

“You can’t stand here. This is where the waiters walk. Please go stand somewhere else.”

Get the idea? And this is a band where one of the guys has more hits than almost any of the guys playing upstairs!!!! (I do think it’s phenomenally cool that while all the stars are upstairs singing thirty year old songs…Kenny is here with us singing brand new ones.)

We are learning that there are new rules for the band in place:

  • Never believe the show you are planning on is the show you will have to do.
  • Play for each other every time. We are probably the only ones really listening.
  • You never know if there is ONE person in that sea of ambivalence that might get what we are trying to do.

and last:

  • What? And give up show business?