Today we were actually treated like rock stars. It was on the American taxpayer…but it was probably money better spent on us than on another nuclear sub. They put us up in the W Hotel, a beautiful hotel right in front of the Washington Monument. Wanna feel patriotic? Stare out your window at one of the enduring symbols of freedom. That and a great 9 inch pizza from room service will do it, baby!

We were set up to play in a lovely ballroom in a hotel down the block. We could walk to everything. We played our show in front of a full room of very well-dressed people. This was the fundraising kickoff for the re-election of (insert name of a politician who you agree with here) and he was very nice in his introduction. He was very grateful that we flew in from Salt Lake City for this one day. The show went over really well and we got lots of compliments and made a lot of new fans.

After the show we sat in our dressing room with (insert name of politician who you agree with) and chatted. I couldn’t help myself. I asked him to tell us stories of his time with (insert name of iconic tv comedy show he was part of) and he had quite a few. It was very nice of (insert name of politician who you agree with here) to give us a lovely signed souvenir and we gave him a signed (insert name of legal gift allowed between a politician and a citizen). He is every bit as funny as he was back on (insert name of iconic comedy show he was part of).

Once again, we have an early morning as we head off to LA to get ready for Leno. The band is meeting us out there so it will be a fun reunion. We’ve got to get on the internet and let everyone know we are going to be on TV this week AND a live show at The Mint. I have a lot of friends in LA and I sure would love to have them hear what (insert name of your favorite new band here) sounds like.