So our record came out last week. All the excitement happened at the tail end of both Georgia and I being sick. By this point I have coughed up a lung and something grey that looks like it could be part of my pancreas or a child’s sock. Young child. Preschool. Being under the weather has made it hard to appreciate the fun of this moment… but I am going to try. God help me I’m going to try.

We were the number one selling country rock CD on Amazon!!! I believe “country rock” is a category for bands like Pablo Cruise and Commander Cody. But we’ll take it. We also showed up on the over-all chart. I don’t think it takes a lot of sales these days to hit the charts but that doesn’t matter to us. Or our creditors. Every CD we sell is a victory of sorts. A tiny, tiny victory. A victory that earns us about 11 cents… but a victory none the less.

Another victory of sorts: We found out that our CD is available to steal on some sort of pirate website. Yay!? I guess if no one wanted to steal your shit that would be a pretty cruel slap in the face. I mean… your art isn’t even worth stealing? If I owned a shoe store and sold shoes that were really ugly… I wouldn’t even bother putting glass in the window frames out front. I mean, why bother? Nobody wants those raggedy-ass shoes I’m selling so why protect them? Now, OUR CD… Someone WANTS to steal that. I could not be prouder. If you think I’m going to give you a link to the “Help yourself to our Dreams” website… well, here it is.

www. gof**

Now what? The CD is out and that was a “two year in the making” event. Now we have one job to do. Actually two… one is making sure that America is safer today than it was yesterday. The other: Making sure that every day, in every way, we let the world know that our CD, Finally Home, is out there… and for a small amount of money (comparatively speaking… I mean, crack costs a lot more… so does a decent hooker) you can have the musical experience you have been dreaming of. (Unless you are on crack and sleeping next to a hooker. YOUR dreams are probably weirder and darker than any dream I can imagine.) We must tell our friends on Facebook to tell their friends on Facebook to tell other friends on Facebook to buy this record. At the risk of sounding like a Coke commercial… everyone MUST join hands and sing this song together.

(“I’d Like to Get the World to sing… a Blue Sky Rider song….”
(my apologies to my friends Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway)

I like to think that in a year we will look back and have sold a million copies. Nice and slow. A few a week. That’s all we need. We also need time and space to be altered so that there are 30,000 weeks in a year. We don’t ask for much. This year we’re gonna tour and play every show we can. We are trying to save time by appearing on big shows like Fallon and Ellen and The View. So far they have all turned us down very politely. Are we too old for Fallon? Does Georgia intimidate Ellen? Does the fact that Kenny once dated Whoopi blackball us on The View? Can I use the word “blackball” in that context and not sound racist and sexist?

I could go on but there are several thousand more telephone interviews I have to cough through. We have a show in Aspen at the end of next week. I need a head start packing my sinuses with cotton to slow the nosebleeds down.

Till then… if you are reading this… you obviously know how to find us. Are you doing all you can do to put a BSR CD in every house and a chicken in every pot? I don’t want to point fingers here but in the time it took you to read this crap you could have canvassed your neighborhood telling everyone about us and passing out the CD like copies of The Watchtower.

Hold on… I feel another sock coming up.