Two more shows under our collective belts. We played Santa Cruz and I had to stand there on stage in front of the judgmental eyes of old friends. And, may I say… they went judge-“mental!” Seriously, we had a great show. When I lived in Santa Cruz three hundred years ago, I worked at Marianne’s Ice Cream and all spring I have bee looking forward to going there and having a big scoop of rocky road ice cream. Unfortunately, one of the rules of the rocky road of touring is….no dairy on show days. Ice Cream is probably at least ten percent dairy (I tell myself) so I had to pass the shop by as we rolled out of town.

We rolled into Palm Desert  and checked into the Marriott Resort. This place is huge. When you check in you are actually assigned a llama to carry your belongings to your room. You pass the dusty skeletons of the guests who turned their llamas down. Poor, poor fools.

We had a off day so I played a little golf. The way I play it… it’s a little like strip mining… but no one called the Sierra Club and I got on and off the course with no consequences. That night the people that hired us had free food in all the different ballrooms so we all went nuts. There is nothing sillier than offering free food to musicians if you DON’T want the tables and chairs broken and scattered.

Tonight we play our show for them. These are all the heads of different food companies who will be watching us so we are very hopeful that we will at least get some free jerky for the bus.