New tour…new blogs. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up for every show. Sometimes a guy just wants to get back to his room in a strange hotel and stare longingly at the Macadamia nuts. If I can, though, I will. Starting tonight at Jacksonville, Oregon. Beautiful outdoor stage called The Britt.

Soundcheck hot as hell and the show was hot till the sun went behind the trees. First show always has a few mistakes. Kenny spent the first two songs facing Tom, our drummer, till he realized it and turned around. I made the rookie mistake of drinking NyQuil on stage instead of water and I was nodding off by Little Victories. Georgia was flawless, as usual. Seriously, the only real goof we made was a normal first show error. We didn’t know how long the set was till we played it. We ran long. We thought the crowd would save us with an encore but didn’t. We didn’t know we were long, so we didn’t announce it was our final song, so our leaving took them by surprise. Being done looked like the right thing to be, so the audience assumed they were doing us a favor by letting us out of the heat. They didn’t get to hear one of our best songs… Just Say Yes.

Someone in the crowd asked me to strike a ” ballerina pose.” Is this an Oregon thing? Of course I accommodated him.

On the up side, Georgia and I went to the merch table during intermission and we just about sold out our entire tour supply of CDs on the first night. That’s crazy good but now we have to fly in boxes of CDs.  A very nice problem to have, I guess.

First blog done. I’ll get funnier as I get more tired and more homesick.