Tonight’s blog comes with a few handy dandy tips for touring that I have picked up as part of this crazy carnival I like to call a Blue Sky Riders Tour:

Tip one: There is apparently no limit to the number of naps a human being (me) can take. Bus not showing up for twenty minutes? Take a nap! Dinner is in an hour? Get a little “power nap” in. Sleep a full eight hours and get on the bus for a two hour drive to the next show? Crawl into the ol’ bunk and take a nap. It’s really quite amazing. When this tour is over, I should have a sleep reserve built up so I can stay awake till 2016.

Tip two: What do people who are traveling and get sick do? They stay in their beds in their rooms and watch tv. What gets all over the remotes? Their cooties. Millions of little sick cooties. Cold cooties. Flu cooties. (Disclaimer: I was in a band in junior high school called the Flu Cooties). Dysentary cooties. Good God, the sheer number of cootie types found on hotel remotes boggles the mind. So I bring a zip lock plastic bag with me. I enter the room, drop the remote in the bag, wash my hands, and I John Travolta my way to health! (obscure reference to John Travolta’s first movie, “Boy In The Plastic Bubble,” about a young man who lost his television remote). The jury is still out as to whether this new plan works…. but I feel better about my chances to stay healthy.

And now, all you patient readers, tonight’s show:

Snoqualmie Casino is a beautiful outdoor stage in the crisp clean air of Washington. Singing here is a breeze because there’s no pollution, no allergens…. nothing but clean air. We could have sung all night. But we only had 45 minutes.

Once again we had a sizable amount of the crowd  familiar with us, and by the end of the show we had a very nice encore. Of course we basically tell the audience that we are a young band and very insecure and they HAVE to give us an encore or it will damage our self- esteem. That crap always works. We begged….they screamed…we hit them in the foreheads with “Help” and we have fans for life. Am I sounding cocky?  It lasts for about an hour after each show then I become my normal, humble self.

By the way… tonight we got to order off the nice casino restaurant menu and had it backstage. We all ordered beautiful steaks and vegetables. They didn’t show up in the dressing room till the minutes before show time. Do you know what happens if you eat a steak and then walk onstage? Well, we don’t know either cause we didn’t eat them. We left them in the dressing room, played a great show and then ate cold steak. Nothing makes a steak taste better than adrenaline. And A-1 steak sauce.

Tomorrow we do a radio show in Seattle and then drive a long, long time to Colorado. Three days off. Recharge. Eat what we want… I guess no blogs till the next show in Aspen. Unless something exciting happens on the road. What are the chances of that? We’re just a  rock and roll band on tour. Nothing crazy happens out here…. right?