There will be no complaining about the show tonight. No whining about stairs…no judgmental opinions of hardworking people who paid their money to come to a concert. You know why?

We didn’t play tonight! Tonight we were in Steamboat Springs. The venue did not want an opening act, so Blue Sky Riders had the day and night off! Georgia stayed in Aspen to do a solo show (she’s such a rock star!) and I took a well needed Personal Day. It’s funny but even when I am home in Nashville I am always around people, always working in some capacity… but today… there was no one. Kenny and the boys were off at the sound check and the show and I hardly said a word all day. Walked around, had a nice lunch, saw a movie. A good friend from Nashville lives here in town and he called to hang out but I kind of went into hiding mode. This is just my guilt talking but I really NEEDED today to be alone. (I did finish a chorus of a new song that has been eluding me for several months but that doesn’t count as work.)

I recharged.  Mused. Meditated at the base of a mountain. New Age shit. It felt great. I hear the show went terrific. I’m sure if we had been allowed to play it would have been a needed recovery from last night. Sadly, that recovery will have to wait another night till we hit Beaver Creek. But watch out Beaver Creek! Georgia will have money in her pocket… I will be rested and strong. I pity tomorrow night’s audience. Truly I do.