Blue Sky Riders will perform on The MDA Show of Strength Telethon – filmed August 1, to be aired on September 1, 2013 from 9-11pm. Please watch and donate to this amazing cause! Text “MDA” to 50555 to make a $10 donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association!

This is the kind of thing that actually deludes you into thinking you are a Rock Star. We got offered to pretape a performance for MDA’s Show Of Strength Telethon in LA. Once we said yes, (and of course we said yes!), they then had to:

Fly us to LA first class. Cause we are stars. Big, big stars. Now I hate to shock you but Georgia and I don’t fly first class very often. We certainly don’t fly when WE are paying for it. I immediately had illusions of ice cream sundaes, endless cascades of salted cashews and pistachios, free blockbuster movies. Apparently on flights under two hours you get water, a bag of some sort of salty crunchy thingys, and free light to read by. But we get to tell people that ABC flew us first class. And we got there sooner than anyone else on the plane.

They had to put us up in a hotel. They booked us into the Roosevelt Hotel… one of the cool hotels in a cool city. This is the hotel where Paris Hilton and her ilk (and by “ilk” I mean her motorcycle gang) hang out at the club on the roof and the cheeseburger in the restaurants has goat cheese on it. The downside?¬† The cheeseburger, while a reasonable (for a hotel) $9.00…. every item you adds to it was $2.00 more. Want cheese? $2.00. Want a slice of onion? $2.00. By the time you have built your perfect burger you are up to around $3,250.00. Want fries with that? Trust me, you can’t afford them.

They put us on a show with Darius Rucker, LeeAnn Womack, Paula Abdul and … wait for it… Florence Henderson!! The downside? We taped our two songs and left without meeting Darius Rucker, LeeAnn Womack, Paula Abdul OR Mrs. Brady. I really wanted to meet HER at least because I have a friend who claims to have had a fling with her during a filming of The Love Boat, and I would love to get either confirmation or slapped.

So that was our big adventure. We left LA and got back to San Jose in time to do Friday night’s show at the Mountain Winery. Next blog will fill you in on that. I will leave you with the image that will last in my head for a long long time.

At the end of the hall at ABC was a dressing room¬† with a sign on it that read “The Lee Ann Womack Dancers.” Chew on THAT for a good long while.