The first time we played the Mountain Winery in Saratoga CA we played to around six people. The layout of this venue has two levels. Everyone goes to the top level to eat and drink wine before they go down to the stage level to hear the show. We they DON’T do is go down in time for the opening act. Hence the six people who obviously were either full or had wine allergies.

The second time we played we had about half a house. Apparently the word got around that the opening act actually had Kenny IN it so they ate early and drank on the way to the venue. We still had to play when it was light out. That means no stage lighting. Stage lighting makes Jeffery Dahmer look healthy and tanned. Unfortunately they do nothing for you when they are in direct competition with the sun.

Third time’s the charm.This time, not only did we play to a very nice crowd… most of them had the record and knew our stuff. I know I have said this before but….. most of them had our record and knew our stuff. Oh, I really DID say that before. A hundred hearty folks even climbed back up the stairs to come and see us at our merch table. I don’t want to get into specifics here, but let’s just say it was a very good night for BSR “Feelin’ Brave” panties and “Dream” beer cozies.

It was a special night. The crowd made it that way. I always love to come to this part of the country. I lived near here for a few years in the early 70s. Back then I was here as part of a band that was trying to “make it”… and nobody cared. We played to a dozen people a show and when we broke up no one printed any death notices. To come back now, all these years later, and knock a crowd like this flat on it’s ass… well, it’s very… satisfying. In a couple of days we are actually playing in the town where I tried and failed all those years ago. I guess the lessons I learned from that failure made me the man I am today. The bitter, angry, petty man I am today.

It’s gonna be a fun couple of days out here in such a pretty part of the world. Tomorrow is Napa. I hear it is a beautiful theater. It is either the Uptown Theatre… which is located downtown… or the Downtown Theatre which is… well… you know where I’m going with this. If you are in the area come and see us. If you are reading this AFTER the show (because it didn’t get posted in time or you move your lips while you read)… I’m sorry you missed it. It was the greatest show in the history of shows. Beatles at Shea Stadium great. Feel bad? My work here is done.