Back in the saddle again! The tour resumed in St. Louis and a desperate nation sighed in relief. We had a week off at home with nothing to do. Well, actually we had some major construction in the backyard… and we flew to LA for a few days for business… and oh, yeah… we played a show at the Bluebird. But other than that… we were totally off. Now the world is back on it’s axis and I sit in the dressing room aft our first show of this run… toweling off sweat and eating cheese. It could be worse. Toweling off cheese is a symptom of a major endocrinal problem.

We played the River City Casino to a great crowd. When you are off for a while everything feels a little rusty when you get back and play. Your fingers don’t find the chords automatically… your attention wanders, and you find yourself far away from the microphone when it’s time for you to sing an important line. (All lines in BSR songs are important…even the stupid ones.) It felt like it took a little while to grab this audience, but when I looked out in the middle of “Little Victories” and saw several ladies grabbing tissues and dabbing… I knew the audience was either falling for Georgia… or there had a been an outbreak of Ebola and they were bleeding from their tear ducts.

We got our usual standing ovation… (I’m  hoping to let future audiences know what’s expected of them)… did our encore… and we were officially back on the road. I’m backstage getting a head start on the first blog of the run, (I am, if nothing else, a diligent chronicler of the human, or in Kenny’s case, quasi human condition).

When Kenny’s show is over we will head back to the hotel and shower. We climb on the bus at one AM and ride to Ohio. That may be everyone’s favorite part of the night… when we all settle in … watch a little tv… talk about the show… critique each others talents and physical appearance… then take our separate boats and float downstream to Sleep Valley.

These blogs are probably something I will have to ease into like our onstage performances. You can’t just expect me to be full throttle erudite and discerning right out of the box. You DON’T expect that, do you? Well, life is a series of disappointments and it will probably be good for you to start getting used to them right here and now. As Ringo Starr once said to me when I asked him what the greatest thing John ever said to him while they were in the Beatles together. He said…”__________

See? Now THAT’S disappointment. Get used to it.