We are not sure why The Kent Stage in Ohio loves us so much. I’m not saying we aren’t totally lovable… but this place is crazy for us. We had our first show here about a year ago. It was the inaugural show of our BSR headlining tour. We walked offstage after it was over and stared at each other in total shock because the night actually lived up to every expectation that we had. How often does THAT happen in this crazy world we live in? That is a rhetorical question.

Last night we played The Kent Stage again. And we fell in love with it all over again. This is starting to sound like a Nicholas Sparks movie. Sorry. Falling in love again was easy.  This was where it all started. We actually thought it would be funny if we came out and announced to the audience that we were breaking up. That would have completed the circle of life. (Of course we are NOT breaking up. To do that would make a lie of the matching tattoos the three of us got on our ankles when our first CD came out.) So we skipped the joke and played to a lovely crowd of people who all bought our EP a year ago. That made them all fresh blood to buy our Finally Home CD in the lobby.

And like the end of a fabulous fairy tale… that is what happened. It was just like a year ago. Almost every damn person in the place came out to say hi and buy the new CD and get our autographs. It was very cool how many had been at the first show and could see the growth of the band. Scott, our guitar player, was a shy, awkward young boy a year ago. Now he spends the entire show pointing to himself and yelling “Who’s the man?! I’M the man!!” Our drummer, Tommy, was only using one hand a year ago and this year he has incorporated his right foot and a Ringo-like head shake every other bar. Shem, our bass player, would never make eye contact with any of us on stage. Now, tonight… he glared at me the entire show, muttering under his breath “Come closer…just one step closer.”

I have noticed no personal or professional growth in Kenny, Georgia OR myself.

Will we be back here again in a year? What will the world even be LIKE a year from now? Will we tour by flying car? Will our tenth CD, “Finally Home… in SPACE!”…. be injected directly into the brains of our fans like musical botox? I certainly can’t wait to live in that world. When we accept the Grammy for Best New Band Over the Age of Ninety… I am certainly planning on mentioning Kent, Ohio. I at least promise to try and remember to. Because that is what love is. Trying to remember things.