Now that Georgia and I are safely home from the tour it’s a good time to reflect and appreciate just how much fun we had this summer. Our last show (Just for a while. We’re not going anywhere so stop panicking. It’s embarrassing.) was in Baltimore and Baltimore made sure that we finished up with the proverbial “bang.”  There’s something about a last show that has great energy. You sing a little harder cause you know that you don’t have to sing for a while so if small bits of your larynx comes flying out on the high notes… you have plenty of time to fix it. You run around the stage a little more because you know you have the next day to sit on a plane and rub your knees and say to yourself “What am I? Ninety?”

So the last show was great. Now I want to use this blog as a way to thank all of you out there who have been following this Soft Parade all summer.

Thanks to the wonderful audiences who could have made our lives miserable by yelling “Footloose!”  or “Danny’s Song!” or “The Gambler!” every ten seconds during our BSR show. Kenny assured us when this started that his fans would be accepting of new music and listen with open hearts and ears and he was absolutely right. The sting of the NL in Aspen has long faded. I now feel nothing but love for her.

Thanks to everyone who came to the merch table  during intermission and said hi and bought the CD. Every time someone told Georgia how much “Little Victories” moved them because of a personal loss,  she would be so touched she’d talk about it all night. It made us ALL feel like we were making a difference, however small.

Thanks to everyone who said they had never heard of us and had come to the show for Kenny but now we were their new favorite band!!! What a cool thing to hear. Personally, I dig the Arctic Monkeys but that’s just me. I’m hip. We have a lot of people and relatives who we keep on the payroll just to follow us around and tell us how great we are… but when you hear it from total strangers? Fantastic.

This will be my last official blog for a while. If something mildly interesting comes up I will certainly write about it so you should slavishly check our website every day from now till forever just in case I am inspired or we have something to sell you. We are releasing a Christmas EP called “Finally Home For Christmas” in November (because releasing it in January makes no sense at all). We have headlining shows in Bow, Washington next month and a headlining tour is starting to shape up for the first part of next year. Kenny is hitting Nashville next month so we can write a few more songs for the next record. So you can see, we are busy bees. When we’re home it’s not all sitting in the Barcalounger watching Breaking Bad. Our minds are always turning. Always plotting.

Talk to you soon.
Peace out. (I have no idea what that means. I heard someone on Key and Peele say it and I thought I might try it. Probably won’t do it again. Not a good fit.)