I’m not sure which blog I want to write. Everyone has to help me out here. I have two contenders and since, once I write them, I never read them again (it’s an artist thing…Tom Hanks never watches himself in movies because, and I quote, “My nose is HUGE!”) I am going to leave the decision to you.

The blogs I post from the road have been getting a nice reaction. Lots of you are reading them or having them read to you by your nursing staff. I appreciate that. I consider it a holy trust, if you will. I feel a competitive need to top myself, and if that is not possible (it’s not) then at least make each damn one as entertaining or thought provoking as I can…. (hold on… I just threw up a little in the back of Kenny’s throat).

Okay…here’s the choices:

Dentists Be Crazy
The stirring account of the last show of the BSR tour in Scottsdale, Arizona, where our intrepid band dreads playing in front of a convention of dentists from Seattle (where, we are told, the suicide rate for dentists is the highest in the country); only to find out that, indeed, Dentists Be Crazy.


Porn Stars Be Crazy!
Our intrepid duo of Gary and Georgia fly to LA after the show to play one more private show with Kenny and HIS band, checking into their lovely Hollywood hotel only to find that the hotel is hosting the PORN CONVENTION. Contained within THISĀ  blog will be charming tales of Gary walking into walls as his attention is focused on a miracle of engineering in a micro dress with beads. (I throw the beads in so it looks like I was looking at her because of her sense of fashion)

Both fun.
Both informative.
One MIGHT have better pictures that the other.
Your call.

To recap:
Dentists Be Crazy
Porn Stars Be Crazy

Don’t let me down.