There are certain ways of being “funny” that ensure that you spend the rest of your life answering questions like “Are you being funny?” or “Was that a joke?” There is no “funny font” on a computer. Sarcasm doesn’t come color-coded so it jumps off the page and warns you that the writer thinks he is smarter than he really is.

I have been writing blogs after each show and I really enjoy doing it. (Though I grumble and moan enough to make Kenny and Georgia feel guilty) I like the responses I’ve been getting. I recently wrote a blog, not dissimilar to any of the many, many blogs I’ve written over the last few tours, that ruffled some feathers. I was told by our Overlords to take it down because someone, obviously, took the rantings of a deranged mind for fact and criticism. Nothing could be closer to the truth.

What I am writing here now to say is… I write these to be funny, folks. I amuse myself. I think I’m a clown. The problem is… some people who read them take them seriously and they are either worried about us or think we are hurting someone’s feelings.

I shoot for exaggeration. Silliness. I recently wrote that our audience sat in their chairs with a certain “better than us” attitude and then made the point that they had every right to do that cause they… well, they WERE better than us because of their life-saving profession. That was funny to me. Oh my, how I laughed. It was certainly not meant to be hurtful to THEM. But someone took it badly and, coupled with other grievances, demanded that I take my sacred text down. Of course that someone, for some reason, also hated our entire show so MAYBE they were looking for something more to be upset about. (I will give you all a moment to gasp and say “How can anyone hate those three lovable lugs?”) The fact that, after a show they hated, they STILL went on our website to read the blog reminds me of the old joke:

“That food was TERRIBLE!”
“Yes… and such SMALL PORTIONS!”

It’s all good. I’m not shooting for a Pulitzer here. We are trying to build a fan base one human at a time and it does no good to piss people off. (Probably) But here is something I want to say in all seriosity… in response to the questions I listed above:

“Yes, I WAS trying to be funny “
“Yes, that WAS a joke.”

The blogs will keep coming. They will be insightful, stupid and/or irrelevant. I will make a few of you laugh. I will piss a few of you off yet again. I love the former and don’t give a shit about the latter. When the Overlords complain I will let them take the offending blog down and consider it a badge of honor.