A lot of question are hitting our Facebook page about the Kickstarter campaign for our second album. I would like to address what seems to be the main one.

Kenny’s a rich rock star. Why doesn’t HE pay for it?

Georgia and I won’t LET him.

This band is a democracy. We have three individual artists with varying degrees of success in the music business. The ideas behind the start of this group were: ‘What if everyone is equal?,’ ‘What if every song was an equal amount of Kenny, Georgia and Gary?,’ ‘What if the CD did NOT sound like any one of us, but a true combination of all three styles?’.

Now, like any democracy, this concept is a struggle. Look at democracy in America. Three branches of government… if any ONE branch gets too strong then nothing gets done and it all comes off the rails. If any one of us paid for any part of this project on our own, it would be too easy for that individual to say, ‘I know you think the song should go THIS way, but I’m the one risking his/her money here, so I really want it to go THAT way.’

That, my friends, is a recipe for breaking up a band. What’s scarier?! It’s a good way to break up FRIENDS… and that is something that none of us are willing to risk. We would rather suffer the backlash from outsiders who don’t really understand the dynamics of our band and of our decision.

Warren Buffet hasn’t returned our phone calls. Columbia Records says they’ll give us a deal as long as we’re able to lose twenty years of age. What are we supposed to do? Every night that we play a show, we have fans telling us how much they love what we are doing and how our music moves them. Then they ask, “When is the next CD coming out?”

Kenny offered to pay. We refused. He decided to risk the backlash that we all KNEW would mostly be directed towards HIM (a very generous gesture) and see if the people that want to HEAR the new album will actually help FUND the making of the new album. Believe me… the money we are raising through our Kickstarter campaign is only the first drop in a very thirsty bucket of artwork, promotion, tour support, yada yada yada. Where are we going to get THAT dough? Maybe Buffet will pick up his phone… or maybe that Lotto ticket will be a winner…

It’s kind of simple. If you choose to support our Kickstarter campaign…..well that is democracy in action. If this sort of thing is not your cup of tea, we totally understand.