What a difference a couple of days off can make! We had two days off in San Jose. Georgia and I broke our rule about spending money on the road and rented a car to drive down to Carmel. That sentence alone makes me hate me. I used to live in Santa Cruz in the early 1600’s, so I know the area and wanted to show Georgia what a pretty drive it is. We had a nice lunch and sat on the beach close enough to the Pebble Beach Golf Course to actually hear the pretension.

Revitalized! Last night’s show in Saratoga rocked. Everyone, band and crew, seemed to be in a terrific mood and we put on a show that cooked, baby… cooked! Georgia accidentally picked up MY inner ear pack instead of hers, so during the entire first song she couldn’t even hear herself… but did that mess her up? Did that shake her up and ruin her night? Not Road Warrior G! She ripped off the offending pack, threw it on the floor, crushed it under her boot heel and sang the rest of the song in the key of R. Unfortunately, since the pack she crushed was indeed MY pack, she now owes me $650. Touring is expensive.

The most fun we’ve had in the past two days has been watching our Kickstarter page as it slowly climbs to our goal with your contributions. It’s like the best video game in the world… the numbers keep going up and up! We eat lunch… then check it… and it has gone up! We soundcheck… and it goes up! We go to the bathroom… and it goes up! I will pause here for everyone to make their own cheap joke out of that.

We are currently trying to find the balance between letting people know about our Kickstarter campaign during our show and sounding like a dreaded infomercial.

Kenny:  “Who wants to get a T Shirt?”
Georgia & Gary:  “Wait Kenny! There’s MORE!”

But we know that our fans have the right… nay, the NEED, to know.  Otherwise, the numbers don’t go up… and neither do our careers.

In a blog on our website, I addressed the number one question asked by people who find the whole concept of crowd funding anathema and peregrine to their natures. (Thank you Mrs. Anderson, 6th grade English, Lincoln Junior High). I will now address question number two:

“I have never given a band money to make their music. Why should I start now?”

Oh, yes you have, my little potato peeler… yes… you have. Everyone has. You pay $15 for a CD and the record company gets your money. Then they take $14.50 off the top, for their salaries and mansions, and then give the band a whole $.50 to spend on their art. With crowd funding, you give the BAND your $15. You are, essentially, pre-buying the CD… and, for the first time in recorded (and recordING history), every penny goes into making the art. By the way, I laughingly refer to what we do as ART, ‘cause it makes my relatives less ashamed of my career choice.

Long drive to Reno. I think we play in a casino next. Mmmmmmm. Nicotine.

Ooh! Five more dollars!