In the immortal words of Britney Spears… “Oops, I did it again.”

It seems I may be truly incapable of writing a blog that doesn’t offend SOMEONE. I have learned my lesson. From now on I will check and double check all of my blogs to make sure they offend no one on the planet. They will be misogyny free, prejudice free, snark-free missives that glorify the human spirit and hold us all up to the mirror that shows us for the beautiful, kind spirited creatures we are.

This next week; the last week of this leg of the tour, is a tough one. Today we drive to Napa (that doesn’t sound too bad as I type it…) and do one last show for the week. Tomorrow we fly home for two days, where Georgia and I have to go to the studio and do the final mixes on this wonderful girl singer we are producing.

Then it gets weird. We leave MOST of our stuff with the truck to go who knows where until we all meet up again in Oshkosh. We need to bring home whatever instruments and show clothes we need to play three trio gigs over the next five days. If we guess wrong, we are in big trouble. We fly to Providence, Rhode Island, where I (yes they trust me, fools that they are) have to pick up the rental van and drive to a pier somewhere and get on a ferry and cross the Atlantic Ocean to some mystical, faraway land called Isle D’Blok. If we pack too much in supplies… they throw it over the side. If we pack too little in supplies, then it’s the Love Boat version of Lord of the Flies and we will probably eat each other to survive the journey. How am I doing so far? Anyone offended? Carrying on…

After a return crossing, we take the van and drive five hours to Wisconsin, I think. By then we are back in the normal groove of having someone with us to tell us every move and to make sure we don’t wander off or get lost at sea. I love that life. It’s like being in prison without the communal showers. (There was the show in Arizona when Kenny and I had to share a dressing room but that memory has thankfully faded in the mists of time).

Wish us luck. It’s a tough leg we’re on. Not Lady GaGa tough… but tough, nonetheless. And wish me luck on my new style of blogging. My new IMPROVED form, thanks to all who pointed out the error of my typing!

If Norman Rockwell was still alive to blog I like to think he and I would have similar styles. Family friendly… controversy free.

By the way… I hate puppies. Who’s with me?