We’re close, right?  I mean, I feel by now I can tell you anything. It’s this openness and honesty that is the hallmark of anonymous readers reading internet blogs. So it is with a heavy heart that I have to confess something…

I knew. I knew and I didn’t tell you. Our Overlords commanded me to keep the Today Show performance “under my hat,” so I haven’t written about it. But I knew.  God help me, I knew.  And I feel like a big fat liar.

So let me try to make up for it. I will dish the details and you will have no choice but to forgive me for choosing my Overlord’s demands over your incessant right to be kept up to date on my dinner and bathroom habits.

Georgia and I are headed home. We played in Saginaw last night. Kenny has another show tonight but we are not on the bill so we are racing out of town like the Barrow Gang after a bank withdrawal… Kenny and the boys will have to fly all night to get to NY a few hours before the cameras roll Monday morning at 8 AM. NBC is very tough with the rules. If you are playing Monday at 8AM they request that you arrive three months earlier for makeup and blocking. Our guys are going to be ragged and tired. This may be my only shot at being the third best looking person on stage!

We are going to play a new song… the first song from our next CD that we have started to perform live. It is being so well received that, since we are on the show talking about the next CD and the Kickstarter campaign and just how damn forward-thinking we are,… we might as well hit America with something fresh and exciting. Our band will, unfortunately, be neither fresh NOR excited… but a couple of Red Bulls and the smell of NY street pizza should keep their eyes open till WAY past 8:30.

Monday night Kenny plays the City Winery. Hopefully the day will be filled with naps and nesting. Georgia and I did not expect to be in the city this week since the Winery does not have opening acts (see blog #4 of last year) but since we are in town… we are going to sit in and fry some Manhattan faces off.

Tuesday night Kenny also plays the City Winery. Re-read the last paragraph and insert “Tuesday” where the word “Monday” is and we will both save time.

So there you have it. Are we okay? You will have to trust me that if I DON’T write something in my blog it is because what I am NOT writing is so breathtaking…so monumental…. putting it in print would only shake your world to the core. In this blog alone there are four things I am purposely NOT writing out of courtesy so your minds are not blown. (AND two additional things that I am still struggling to process so I couldn’t type them if I wanted to!)

One of the greatest things that happened to us in the last week is when….
Oh wait… I should probably hold onto that till I run it by the Overlords. They are cruel but fair.

By the way… I was going to hitchhike to Nashville from Saginaw… but I heard it takes four days.