I sent them back.
I gave you all a challenge where, if we raised our total by about 3 grand by Sunday night… I would sing a duet with Kenny onstage in a ball gown.

I was supremely confident. Too confident. I had, against all advice, went ahead and bought three ball gowns over the weekend. One was a lovely, off the shoulder number in Teal. One was more traditional blue, but the jury was out because it made me look a little “hippy”… The last was very modern. Short, short short. Frankly, it made me look like a whore.¬† A great big, bearded whore. I only considered it cause I thought¬† Kenny’s onstage reaction would be priceless.

NOW what do I do? Our challenge fell less than a thousand short. A thousand is a lot, though. It’s basically saying that the thought of my humiliation was tempting… just not tempting enough to get you all to hand over ten bucks instead of five. I can only imagine what you would need me to pledge to do in public to get those coins a-jinglin’!

Any ideas?