Starting a band is hard!!! Don’t get me wrong; I’m so excited about our big debut tomorrow but I’m tired as all get out. There’s so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin with all the organizing! Thank God we’ve got such good people around us and that there’s always two of us to pick up the slack where one of us leaves off. I’ve been a solo artist for most of my adult life so it’s pretty great having compadres in on this with me, but starting a band from the ground up in the new media world is quite overwhelming!!! There’s so much I don’t know and have to learn.Kenny got to Nashville three days ago and as soon as he arrived, we hit the ground running. We’ve been putting in long days rehearsing and this morning, we hosted a seminar for NSAI where we did a question and answer session and then performed individual songs we had written. At the end, we performed a BSR song. It was the first time we played a BSR song in front of real live human beings and they went crazy! It was so cool. By the second chorus, they were singing along. With all the planning that’s gone into this so far, I feel like we’ve been running a marathon and are finally closing in on the finish line. It’s very exciting. The three of us walked off that stage feeling very stoked and like we’re very much on the right track. What better feeling can there be than that? From there, we went straight to a band rehearsal where we rehearsed the rest of the day. Quite fun.

And all of this leading up to the big show tomorrow night. Woohoo!!! Kenny, Gary and I have been singing our butts off for the last three days and our throats are so tender that we swore not to talk tonight at dinner. But with so many good and dirty jokes to tell, how could we not? So we laughed and we talked about the future and about how we can’t wait for tomorrow. I personally can’t wait to get up there and rock with my two buddies. And to finally share with the public what we’ve been working so hard on for the last four months.