In this business that we call “show” there are times when things happen that just thrill you. Sometimes you get to spend a day working with someone you have the utmost respect for…someone you revere and idolize.

So I can only imagine the thrill Chevy Chase must have felt …working with Blue Sky Riders.

We shot a video for the song “Feelin’ Brave,” featuring Chevy. We were hoping he would be there for a few hours to give us the “bits” we needed. He stayed for about 9 hours. He was so nice and friendly and, dare I state the obvious, funny!

On our Facebook page are some photos from the shooting of the video. Look at how hard I was working!! This taste is just to wet your whistle and grease your gristle. (I just made that expression up because I love to make urban poetry).

We hope you enjoy it and the experience makes you want to watch the worldwide release of our fabulous new video:

“Feelin’ Brave,” starring Blue Sky Riders (featuring Chevy Chase)

This is the short version. We also have a slightly longer, extended intro version… and if you’re one of our Kickstarter supporters, you’ll be able to download that version for your very own. The campaign ends on Thursday, August 14 at 11:02am PDT.