“This has to be a typo,” we all said collectively, on the count of three.

Our beloved Day Sheet, the bible of the road that tells us vital info such as, “Does our hotel have room service?” or “How far is it from the venue to my room and will someone carry me like a baby?” 0r (very critical to our egos) “How many people will be at the show?” 150. The sheet said 150. This had to be a typo. Surely with ME in the band we should never play for less than 200!

We were playing the Canyon’s Resort in Gateway, Colorado. This place is Pop-Up Book Gorgeous. (High praise. I love me some pop-up books!) We found ourselves set up in a gorgeous outside amphitheater with sandstone mountains everywhere. Literally everywhere. They had one in the pool. But 150? Could this be the greatest, most generous resort ever? You get a room with extra plush towels, complimentary hummus AND a Kenny Loggins/Blue Sky Riders concert?

The plush towels and hummus are true. The concert was apparently for contest winners, the details I am not clear on… but these lovely people won contests near and far and were honored guests at our show. When you have 150 of the RIGHT people in front of you at your show… that’s all you need.  That… and love. Yikes.

These lucky ducks got to see Kenny up close and personal. I mean REALLY see him.  With that many people Kenny was able to stroll among them and get to know several of them intimately. (They seemed like nice guys). During the BSR set, Georgia left the stage during Little Victories and walked through the entire crowd singing and was back by the second verse.

This place really is probably the most gorgeous place we have ever played. (Sorry, Atlantic City). We are surrounded by nature’s booty! (Sorry, BOUNTY).  If I had my way we would stay here for a week, but we actually got here about an hour before soundcheck and have to leave again at 8AM. That is not fair. I console myself by knowing that tomorrow we drive to Copper Mountain, CO, and I am fairly sure there are even mountains there. I mean, it has the word “mountain” right in the name. If that is some sort of false advertising… heads will roll.

By the way… one of the cool things about this was that even thought there was a small group tonight… almost all of them came by the merch table to say hello. I’m sure by the time Kenny hit Footloose there was the full compliment of 150. Maybe 160. I am nothing if not an optimist. Tomorrow we play a festival in the afternoon. The day sheet says 22 million. Probably a typo.

Additional information on our Psycho Dog Bucky. We called home and it seems Bucky got thru my sister’s fence, went down the street… and robbed a convenience store. She came home and there were Cheetos and Twizzlers (his favorites, though we do NOT allow him to eat them at OUR house) all over her living room floor. That dog is trouble. Bad dog. Very, very bad dog.