Yes, we had one last show. No, you didn’t read the schedule wrong. We ended our run in Aspen with a final show at the Belly Up. The Belly Up was the home of the famous Napkin Lady. You’ll have to look up my older blogs if you want to know who that is. She was not at this show. This was a 100% rockin’, we love Blue Sky Riders crowd!

What a great way to end this run. The only thing I don’t like about Belly Up is the fact that it is high altitude and the dressing room is up on the third floor. Remember the sparkles I talked about in my last blog? Tonight was another sparkle night. We have been out here, up in the ozone, for about five days and you start to think you are acclimated… right before you make funny noises and fall down.

When you have been in the business a long time your body begins to “sync up” with the road and your partners. For example, Kenny and my cycles are totally the same now!

Also, you know when you are allowed to collapse. A lot of the crew had a cold during the last run. My body knew what it had to do so it rejected all germs until the last day. Then it packed all of them up in a tiny suitcase, brought them back to Nashville with me, and made me sick.

The tour is over, yes. I am very glad that this will have No impact on the juggernaut that is BSR. Unfortunately my life does have small pockets of non BSR activities. We have a big show in NYC in a few days and I am not feeling great. I’m fighting it off with every tool in my tool kit. Hopefully I’ll be fine by Tuesday. The good thing about it (if there is anything good in this much mucous) is we start recording the new record in about two weeks… I expect to be hale and hearty by the time we hit the studio.

The next two months are b#*#s  to the wall and my b#*#s will be ReADY!

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