It’s so funny… we’ve written a lot of songs for the new project, and one would think that we just cruise into the studio, record those puppies and we’ve got a record, right?

Wrong! Because Kenny, Gary and I live in different cities and we all have day jobs, (Gary and I are songwriters, Kenny is a rock star), we have to coordinate everything we do so that when it gets done, we’re all together. Not as easy as it looks! Either Kenny flies to Nashville or Gary and I fly to Santa Barbara and we spend an incredibly concentrated amount of time working out parts, arrangements, vocals, overdubs, lyrics… and that’s just the music part.

When we’re back in our prospective hometowns, we’re constantly emailing each other or on the phone working out how we’re going to film and edit the All Access content we’ve promised our beloved fans. We have filmed us writing the songs, rehearsing the songs and recording them; but because we’ve done those things in all different cities, using local videographers for each shoot, this brings up the question: how do we get all that footage in one place for the appropriate editor to cull through? And once we do, there’s lots of editing to be done on our part… do we REALLY want our fans to see us in THAT compromising position? Will they lose respect for us? The answer is usually YES which requires us to go back over the material – over and over again – until the edit shows us only partly compromised. We still have our dignity.

I love producing but I decided when it comes to Overdub Day – putting special instruments in designated places – I would rather delegate that job to the two in the band who love doing that kind of stuff. So, Kenny and Gary met up at Brotheryn Studio in Ojai, CA and went to town. They worked with Jesse Siebenberg, a monster player, who came up with all kinds of great stuff. Where was I? At some mall somewhere, shopping. See, sometimes, being a part of a band means letting the pros do what they do best and the best thing you can do is STAY OUT OF THE WAY!

When we’re not writing and recording, we’re working out a business plan for the year. We have a webmaster, a publicist, a manager and many others who are constantly trying to keep us on track with where we need to be. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO OUR BUSINESS is our FANS. Keeping you all abreast of what we’re doing because without your support, we’re dead in the water.

So if you guys don’t hear from us for a little while, it’s because we’ve hit a snag and are trying to work it out. We are our own record label so there is much business to do when not working on the music. A day in the life is Kenny, Gary and me sending 30 emails a day to each other going, “What if we do this? Would that be a cool idea for our band? How do we reach more people with our music? Georgia, did you finish filming that interview we’ve all been waiting on? Gary, I just sent you audio files of the new loop I put on in Ojai. Did you get it? Kenny, my computer can’t read the files… can you resend them so I can drop them in?”

There is much business to do. But it’s gonna be GOOD so just know we love you all for staying with us and can’t wait for you to hear the outcome!!!!

– Georgia