Knuckles cracked? Check. Glasses on? Check. Okay then… let’s blog!!!

We have been so caught up in finishing our second CD, that these shows crept up on us like my mother trying to burst into my room and catch me reading age inappropriate materials. (She never did. I am nothing if not cautious.) We have three songs mixed and are in the process of diving into the other nine when… oh my gosh, we have to remember how to be rock stars! A pair of trio shows have been on our calendars for so long that we forgot they were there.

Picture this. Georgia and I, comfortably sitting on the sofa watching Veep.”What are you doing tomorrow?” She asks. “I’m not sure… let me look at my calendar.” (We are very polite to each other in front of Bucky. We never want him to hear Mommy and Daddy being snippy.) “Oh my goodness! You and I are apparently getting on a plane and flying to California tomorrow!”

Before you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” we are at soundcheck, behind a giant carnival, helping each other into our new, tight stage outfits. It’s a corporate show with a midway theme. Since my Mother and Father were Carney folk, and I grew up in Clearwater, Florida surrounded by human oddities… I feel strangely at home in the shadow of the Tilt-a-Whirl. (note to band… great title for new CD… In The Shadow Of the Tilt-a-Whirl!).

Muscle memory to the rescue! We rocked the carnival! The audience was made up of independent insurance agents who won this trip as a reward, and they were the perfect crowd. They laughed, they cried, they spouted actuarials. It really was a great feeling to get back on stage and play the old songs and a bunch of the new ones. We got an encore, we shook a few hands, smiled at a few cell phones and called it a successful night. Georgia made us race back to the Green Room to grab as much food as she could, to bringĀ  back to the room. That is where they will sit all night, next to the TV, so that in the morning, she can once again ask me… “Do you think this is still okay to eat?” I then reply that I don’t know… so she throws it away. She seems to get some satisfaction just leaving the dressing room with free food, so I let her have her fun.

Now we have two days off in San Diego. We are going to drive from here to there and have a band meeting on the way. There are tons of vital decisions to be made in the next few days. Not just Wendy’s or Taco Bell stuff… but things that will impact our actual careers.

Friday we have another show in San Diego, and the crowd there has a lot to live up to. Since we just played a few days before we will have no excuse if we suck the Failure Pipe.