Don’t you wish you could have been a fly on the wall when John Lennon took a swing at McCartney, because he wanted to sing “Yes Yes Yes,” instead of “Yeah Yeah Yeah”?

Or, been in the room when Burt Bacharach kicked Hal David in the testicles for handing in a first draft of lyrics where Alfie actually KNEW what it was all about?

How about getting to see Jimmy Webb write just ONE of those classic songs in the nude, as is his wont?

This is kinda like that. You are about to see three writers start and finish the process of turning a blank sheet of paper into a very similar piece of paper…. only one with barely decipherable scribblings on it. Plus computers. Always computers.

All Access Pass is the portal that turns all you little Jeff Goldblums into flies. So find a wall and settle in as Georgia, Kenny and I write the song, “The Rodeo,” for our new CD, Why Not.