Hello All Access Pass watcher!

Remember back a few weeks ago when you watched the video of us writing “Whatever Happened To”?

Remember when it was over and you sighed and said…“Well, that’s all I could EVER imagine being interesting about them writing THAT song!”

You were so wrong, my little stud-puppies….

When we all agreed to film the writing and recording of our second CD, I had only 3 demands.

1. When we are being filmed, Kenny must always refer to me as, “Commodore.” Georgia can, as usual, refer to me as “Dumbass.”

2. I must NEVER be filmed eating. My natural way of eating is to tear off a small chunk of food, toss it into the air with a flick of my wrist… and snatch it out of the air on its way down – where I commence to swallow it whole. This is effective, but very disconcerting to watch, so I prefer that it never actually be documented.

3. Did I mention the “Commodore” thing? I see I did… okay.

4. I must never be portrayed as obstinate, stubborn, demanding, disengaged, rude, dismissive, haughty or less than a genius.

I am a simple man with simple rules.

When they came to me with this video, I realized that, for the sake of art, I was going to have to break at least one, if not two, of my hard and fasts.

This video is what was left out of the first video of this song. They were afraid that, if viewed without the proper disclaimer, Georgia would leave me.

So enjoy… this is where you can watch me, warts and all, throw away years of pretense and expose myself for what I truly am:

Obstinate, stubborn, demanding, disengaged, rude, dismissive, haughty and somewhat less than a genius.

The Commodore apologizes for what you are about to see.