When Georgia and I are in a hotel room (yes…we share a hotel room. Let the scandal begin!) Georgia insists on one thing. When we are getting ready to leave… head to the airport… go to the venue for soundcheck… and we HAVE to be there a certain time… I have to keep the TV off.

Like a small pet who is often mesmerized by a shiny object dangled in front of their face, Georgia ceases to function when a TV is on. She catchers a glimpse out of the corner of her eye and she is DOWN! Nothing gets packed. No clothes get put on (a side benefit) and we are late. And it’s my fault. It’s my fault because I am incapable of entering a room without turning the TV on. The other day I went to a memorial service and I tried to turn on the flower arrangement behind the casket. I find it comforting to hear the drone of Pawn Star voices in the background as I go about the business of being a Blue Sky Rider. Right now though, we are due down in the lobby in an hour for our ride to the airport… so the TV is off, she is packing and I have nothing to do. So….

I am going to play a little catch-up. We just finished a string of shows!!! This is our September tour to announce the completion of our new CD…Why Not. This is where it gets weird. The CD is not coming out just yet. Something to do with the artwork and making my face less “off-putting.” We decided that it would be the least we could do (and isn’t that how we want to go thru life, doing the least we can do?) to have a version of our CD available to give to our Kickstarter supporters when we hit the road. So we printed up a smoking heap of “Special Edition” CDs and climbed into the truck next to Granny and Elly May.

Our first big Kickstarter show was in Nashville at the City Winery, a great place to play and meet our fans and supporters. We sold out the show quickly (it helps to misspell the name of the band and list us as “Foo Sky Riders.” We also picked up a large amount of heavy metal aficionados.) When we had, indeed, sold the last seat, the venue offered us a night two days before the Kickstarter show… to play as a trio and warm up. We jumped at the chance and so our first show in Nashville was an acoustic one on the 9th and the full band one on the 11th.

The shows went great. Our band kicked ass and the new songs sounded like we had been playing them for days, not just hours! We had dinner with our supporters and meeted and greeted our brains out.

We then flew up to NYC to do two shows at the City Winery in Manhattan. These were both acoustic. The first one had a few sound issues so we spent our second “shopping day” at the club, to straighten them out, and last night’s show was all the better for it. Two nights worth of jaded New Yorkers were truly mesmerized by the magic of BSR. I think. The lights were in my eyes and, as Kenny reassured me, applause always sounds less enthusiastic at night.

I am leaving out the part about us flying to Virginia to play in Eric Sanchez’s parent’s living room, because he ran his own Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to afford a private concert by the band. There is just too much to talk about. It will have to be it’s own blog at some point in the future. I WILL hint a little. Ice Cream trucks. Archer. Customized Pop Tarts.

Next we flew to Northern California to play some more shows. We have a second Kickstarter show on the horizon in San Juan Capistrano. (Swallows permitting.)

Ooh, wait. Georgia went into the bathroom. Cool. Scooby Doo is on!