I just got the sweetest phone call from a friend.  He said he had just read Gary’s blog and wanted to know “Was Gary kidding?” ‘Cause if he wasn’t, my friend said he would officially drive to Nashville to kick some serious ASS.

I adore my friends.  They are always looking out for me. I am happy to report that there’s no need for violence.   Instead I say WELCOME TO MY WORLD!  For those of you who don’t know him yet (and you will), Gary is a great big smartass who keeps things very entertaining around here.  I don’t blame some of you for being upset with him joking about suddenly wanting to go solo.  That has actually been a running gag in the band about who’s gonna snap and leave first.  All I can say is it won’t be Gary. I would beat him to a bloody pulp if he did.  And while the thought of suddenly becoming Loggins and Middleman does seem somewhat appealing …naaw… it just wouldn’t be the same without him.  Just not the same I tell you.

Thank you for JUST SAYING NO to the demise of our newly formed band.  Gary assured me and Kenny there’s no need to worry. I wonder what he meant by that…???