Okay, I thought of a few words about our final Kickstarter show in San Juan Capistrano.

It was hot. Not just the sizzling versions of most of our new CD hot… (“Why Not”… the new record that has the critics all saying, “We haven’t heard it yet… what? Who?”)… but the actual temperature in the club. They waited till showtime, apparently, to turn on the AC and when we came out… more menus were being waved in front of faces than any southern cotillion ever held in Atlanta.

We have become family with all these Kickstarter people. We know them by name, and by their favorite songs. We had the dream audience at this show. We always fantasized that one day, after all the work and drama, we would be playing in front of an entire crowd of people that came to see US… that knew our songs… that would yell out “Little Victories!” instead of “Free Bird.”  This show was the final culmination of all of our hard work.

So this is goodbye.

No, just kidding. But that would have been the perfect time for it, right?

For everyone’s information… and to squelch the vicious rumors that we are well rehearsed and professional… we planned to do “Little Victories” as a final, third encore… but in all the Kickstarter mayhem, the dinner, the soundcheck, the Bat Mitzvah that Kenny officiated in the Green Room… we forgot to tell the club… so when we left the stage after “Why Not,” they started up the “That’s it… go home” music. So a “Little Failure” led to no “Little Victories.”

We apologize on behalf of the band, and the club.

What’s next? Ramping up for the actual release of the CD. We are in the studio right now, (I mean RIGHT NOW… they are yelling at me to finish this so we can order lunch) recording an acoustic version of these new songs for the final Kickstarter tier to be sated; much like I will be after lunch.

Then we all go home. Virginia Kickstarter living room show? Done. New York City Winery double shows? Done and done. Northern California where the girls are warmer? Done. Jimmy Kimmel show? They never asked us. But if they HAD, it would have been done. Malibu? Done. Hot sweaty show in San Juan Capistrano? Done. Acoustic CD? Get off my back. It’s getting there…….