I have been requested (demanded) by the Blue Sky Rider’s management team to clarify my position vis a vis the band. My clarification is as follows:

People, people… (and I DO think of you as people)… I am NOT leaving the band. It is an established rock and roll axiom that the creative visionary in the band does not leave until after the third album (see: Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield, Jermaine Jackson and the Jackson Five, The Captain and Captain and Tennille)

Around the time of the third album is when Kenny will be joining the cult and readying himself for the comet’s arrival. Georgia will be spending her time “connecting with her muse” in the south of France with Greek tycoons. I will be back in Nashville doing all the heavy creative lifting. THAT, my friends, is when I go solo.

Please don’t feel bad if you thought I was serious. Apparently Kenny and Georgia thought I was serious as well and wasted no time releasing new publicity shots. (See below)

So stay tuned. Stay excited. Stay away from fatty foods.

edited by Gary Burr