My idle hands are indeed the Devil’s playground. I have nothing to do. Any odd jobs around the house you need doin’? (That’s how we say it in the South. To Southerners….”g” is the Abraham Lincoln of the alphabet. They hate that letter down here and lessen its worth whenever possible.) Since I am so desperate to spend my once valuable time doin’ (see?) somethin’ (once a ain)…I am writing a blog to detail exactly what my “nothin’” entails.

Our second record is done. It is called Why Not, and it is great. Can you buy* it? Nope. You don’t just quietly release a CD like you are reintroducin’ a panda into the wild. And this is one terrific panda. A great deal of care and money goes into the release of a record. Do you know exactly what that means? I don’t either. Nope. Not a clue. The people in charge tell me it is VERY complicated so I know enough about my strengths and weaknesses to stay out of the decision makin’ at this juncture.

We were goin’ to put it out in the late Fall, but back in 1985 it was always death to release a record in the last quarter of the fiscal year. Apparently people are so wrapped up in Christmas shoppin’ and regrettin’ their poor personal decisions over the previous twelve months that the LAST thing they want to buy is some toe tappin’ (are you counting? I can do this all day, brothers and sisters!)  tunes to take their minds off the fact that they let their brother move into the basement in March.

Kenny is off somewhere spendin’ some well-deserved time with his family. He has a new granddaughter, and it is a full time job takin’ pictures with a tiny newborn that don’t make your head seem huge. He mentioned somethin’ about a Spring release, but the connection from Guam was dodgy; he might have been sayin’ that he was hopin’ the antibiotic would “bring relief”…or something like that.

Georgia got a pasta maker for Christmas, and has been experimentin’ with a delicious assortment of ryes and whole grains that have ballooned both of us just beyond the 280 pound mark.  We knocked out two walls in the kitchen to bring in industrial sized ovens to keep production up. We don’t sell any of it. She is fiercely proud and territorial about her breadstuffs, and gives nary a loaf away. Lucky for us Bucky loves his bread, so he is chewin’ and clearin’ the hallway so we can make it to the bathroom in the AM.

“What about YOU?”?  I can hear you asking, in that husky inner voice that I have come to know and be turned on by.

I am filling this soul deadening limbo period as best I can. I am writin’  the occasional song. Workin’ on a book. (Writin’…not readin’) Worryin’ about the state of the world and my place in it. (Tennessee…okay, THAT’S settled)….watchin’ the entirety of Dexter in one week. Damn that was good. Movin’ on to Mad Men as soon as the swellin’ in my eyes goes down.

So there you have it. You are caught up. As soon as we all get back together we will be plottin’ out our 2016 and we will hopefully be seein’ you down that road somewhere.

* By the way….we actually printed up a few million “Pre-Release Editions” of Why Not.  If you are reading this you probably know that and have one already. But in case you are NOT reading this and have NO idea who we are…please click here and buy several.