Sure. I could come back to the room every night and collapse on the bed with a bag a fresh scones and a bottle of cucumber water and watch old Maggie Smith movies. Isn’t that what being in London is all about? But what about YOU? How cruel could one man be, keeping all these experiences to himself? I will not be that kind of man. There are many, many other kinds of man I am and will eventually be… several of which are distasteful, to say the least.

But the kind of man who would spend all day in London with Georgia and not tell YOU about it? Never.

Georgia and I flew in from the Belfast-Nashville Songwriter Festival. You got all that, right? We taught classes… (yes, you CAN teach someone to write a song. You just can’t teach them to writer a GOOD song.) We taught two classes with rooms bulging full of attentive and appreciative songwriters. It made Georgia and I feel very honored and quite powerful. As a teacher I was able to expel several of the men for “giving me the stink eye” and one for blatantly passing suggestive notes to Georgia. Guy couldn’t even spell. There’s no “ARY” in Georgia! We also played a couple of shows with some incredibly talented Irish singer/songwriters. I couldn’t understand a single word they sang, but I am going to go with “talented” and “brilliant.” Everyone in Ireland sings an octave higher than I do. It’s like performing with a castrata choir. I felt quite at home.

We then flew into London. Got in just in time on Monday to have it be Tuesday. We woke up and the first thing we did was go to the tube station (their subway….not a TV station) and get week long tickets so we could get around the city easily. It did not take us long to figure out the
System. We hopped on a train and in minutes we were in Prague.

A few hours later we were having breakfast at Covent Garden, listening to an opera singer belt out some Verdi in the courtyard. We bundled up tight (it’s about 35 degrees here. That’s 265 degrees Celsius. I’ve been brushing up on my temperature conversion and my metrics system. I have given up on the whole “pounds to dollars” thing. Breakfast apparently was $4,000.) We then walked to Piccadilly Circus. Georgia was disappointed. She was expecting a tent full of Piccadillys.

There was an H&M store on every corner so I didn’t see a whole lot of Georgia for the rest of the afternoon. We walked to SoHo. We took a right turn and accidentally found ourselves in front of McCartney’s offices. That was kind of cool. (Who am I kidding? I licked the masonry around the front door!) We went into Chinatown and had a nice lunch. We dropped into a massage place and had massages. We are treating ourselves with decadence and love, my friends. Who out there would deny us these small pleasures?

We are back at the hotel now… utterly spent and very proud of ourselves for kicking London’s ass first day out of the chute. I’m not sure if we will go back out for dinner. We are tired little Anglo puppies.

I cannot promise that every night I will be this industrious…. tomorrow we plan to wake up with no plan at all. That sounds totally exhausting. I can’t wait.