Here’s why you should never get cocky and say something stupid like “I’m all over the jet lag!” Georgia and I made that proud proclamation last night around midnight as we went to bed and we woke up twelve hours later. Either we still have a wee touch of the lag….or we are officially the two laziest people on the planet Earth.

So we rose at the crack of noon… put in a good couple of hours of heavy primping (don’t want London to see us as anything but the Rock Gods we are) and headed to our new fave place, Soho, to have lunch. There is a terrific conglomeration of stores, cool restaurants and porn there that makes it the place to be! Did I say porn? I meant theaters. Lots and lots of theaters. Leather theaters.

It was another cold and rainy day. The sky over our heads here in London continues to be like many of the girls I dated in high school… promising better things but ultimately leaving me sad and wet.

We ducked out of the rain into a place for lunch. Did we hit “The Snail and Pistol” for Bangers and Mash? “The Slug and Onion” for some Bubbles and Squeak? No. We found a place where we could get burgers and milkshakes. We ARE the Ugly and High Cholesterol Americans!

A few hours later,  to avoid yet another dousing, we ducked into a shop and had some delicious fruit juices and some chia seed pudding. Don’t ask. I can’t tell you what the hell it was. It went down… it stayed down… I consider that a “win.”

We wanted to catch a movie so we dodged the raindrops and hightailed it to a cinema where we thought it was playing only to find out it doesn’t open till this Friday. We were disappointed but it got our adventurous sides clicking so we randomly picked a bus, got on and rode around the city till we found ourselves near the Thames River. We walked up onto a bridge and, defying the wind and the cold, looked out at the glorious city for what had to be a solid minute and a half before we ran like little babies to the tube station and went back to the hotel.

We have one more day of being full time tourists before we have to go and be professional songwriters. We have a soundcheck at the O2 on Friday and a show Saturday afternoon. They should be a lot of fun. We’re ready to rock. We’re feeling good. Finally over the jet lag.