What’s the craziest thing you could possibly trust me to do?  Take over for a pilot who’s had a heart attack and land the plane? Catch you after a triple somersault, off a trapeze fifty feet off the ground? Perform open heart surgery on your mother? Wait… what was that second thing? You would actually let me do that? That’s like the coolest thing ever! I’ll meet you at the circus in three hours.

No. The craziest, most dangerous thing is what Georgia trusted me to do yesterday. Rent a car and drive her across the entire width of a COUNTRY!!!!

That’s right.  Close your mouths. Georgia, of her own free will, with no duct tape or tie wraps involved, climbed into a Renault and sat beside me while we drove to the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland.

Did you know they mostly drive on the opposite side of the road here? I kid you not. It’s crazy. And their roads periodically have these circles you drive around where one side of your car goes up on the curb and it makes your passenger scream in your ear. What’s THAT about?

The Cliffs are terrifying. What mostly makes them terrifying is that they are crawling with teenagers and young adults who have not learned about death or gravity yet, so they walk right up to this thousand foot drop and say things like, “Hey mate! Take a picture of me standing on one leg!”

We had a very nice lady on the GPS who got us there in about three hours. (All right…Ireland is not the widest country in the UN) But on the way home we programmed her to avoid any tolls; so it found this lovely back road route that was a lot longer but more cow- filled. I mean, like cows standing in the middle of the road- filled. It took us six hours to get home… but we saved 2 euro.

We currently sit on a plane flying to Newark and then Nashville. Tomorrow we will wake up…walk Bucky… and all the adventures will fade into a distant, foggy memory. Did I really french kiss the Queen Mum? Did Georgia really throw a penny off the top of the O2 and put some German Guys eye out? No… and no. Jeez. What are we? animals?

But we did other stuff. Fun stuff.